Volvo Polestar Engineered Optimization: How Does It Work?

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What does it mean to be Volvo Polestar Engineered? It means that 20 years of race-inspired precision is now yours for the taking. It means that you demand more of yourself and from your vehicle than the average driver. It means that you understand how to push the limits. In all aspects of life. Holmes Volvo Cars, your Volvo dealer in Shreveport, is here to help. Scroll below to get some critical insights into an upgrade that will change what you thought you knew about Volvo vehicles.

What Does Volvo Polestar Engineered Mean Anyway?

By its simplest definition, Volvo Polestar Engineered vehicles have a performance upgrade. Once upon a time, cars received a mixture of fuel and air from a carburetor. In the muscle car era, gearheads figured out that if you opened up carburetor inlets, machined the intake ports to be wider, and freed up exhaust flow, you would see immediate gains in performance.

But then fuel injection came along — computer's controlled induction. And Volvo Polestar Engineered vehicles took to the track and used technology to advance gains in performance.

Which vehicles can be Volvo Polestar Engineered? Many. You're eligible for the performance upgrade if you've been driving a 2016/MY vehicle or newer. If you drive an older Volvo vehicle, you might also be eligible for the upgrade. It's recommended that you speak with your service advisor, but you can enter your VIN online on the OEM's site to verify applications.

Understanding the Volvo Polestar Engineered Upgrade vs. Trim

When we talk about the Volvo Polestar Engineered upgrade, we're referring to a 60-minute process that recalibrates the tuning logic of your vehicle. Polestar tuning becomes a selectable drive mode in the latest generations, and all eligible vehicles enjoy enhanced performance with no impact on fuel consumption or emissions. Benefits include:

  • Faster throttle response
  • Enhanced mid-range power
  • Tighter shift points
  • Balanced gear holds
  • Mitigated drag on deceleration

This optimized upgrade applies to nearly all Volvo vehicles from 2016 forward. Models like the Volvo XC60, the Volvo V60, and the Volvo S60 have dedicated trims Engineered by Polestar. These models will have tunable suspension, oversized Brembo brakes, a stiffer chassis, bespoke badging, embroidery, and coachwork throughout the vehicle. In other words, you can upgrade the performance of any Volvo Cars model, if not already a dedicated Engineered by Polestar trim.

For instance, if you're looking for a Volvo V90 Polestar, you'll find the accessory upgrade available when you preorder or after you take delivery and choose to upgrade. But the Volvo V60 Engineered by Polestar will come out of the box with all the enhancements. This includes tunable suspension, brakes, and so on. With that in mind, further Volvo V60 Polestar optimization is not possible.

Volvo XC90 Polestar tuning is available on all model trims. Currently, there is no dedicated Volvo XC90 Engineered by Polestar trim, so for our flagship SUV, you'd be taking advantage of powertrain upgrades only. When the all-electric Volvo XC90 comes out later on in 2022, you'll be able to have that one enhanced by the Volvo Polestar Engineered package.

Looking at another model with a dedicated trim from Polestar, we can restate some of the differences already explored. For instance, Volvo XC60 Polestar optimization is available on the Volvo XC60 T5 and T6 engines with the Volvo Polestar Engineered upgrade. The same goes for the Volvo XC60 Recharge hybrid (both R-Design and Inscription). The upgrade is available; however, the exclusive Volvo XC60 Engineered by Polestar enjoys the same exclusive package as found in Volvo S60 and Volvo V60 Engineered by Polestar editions.

Your Volvo Polestar Engineered FAQs Answered

What is the Volvo Polestar upgrade?

The Volvo Polestar Engineered upgrade re-tunes your engine, transmission, and final drive logic to give you a more ferocious drive while maintaining the highest level of composure.

Does Volvo Polestar upgrade affect insurance?

It may. Depending on your driving record, location, age, carrier, and vehicle, your insurance may increase. Our in-house insurance provider sees a 10% average increase in premiums.

How much HP does Polestar add?

No matter which Volvo vehicle you drive, the lift in horsepower will be impressive. There are plenty of engines and applications, so if you drive a T4, T5, T6, B5, B6, or T8, your results will vary due to platform baselines. Not to mention your particular model having an impact on results. It's recommended that you give your service advisor your VIN for an accurate projection.

The Volvo Polestar Engineered upgrade - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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