Volvo VA Apprentice Program

Military Affinity

Volvo Cars takes helping our military veterans very seriously. In addition to our Volvo Military Affinity program, we also provide jobs for veterans. If you are a U.S. veteran, we invite you to apply for our VA Apprentice Program. This program allows military members to obtain Volvo car technician careers. Volvo careers are a great way for our military veterans to transition back into the workforce by gaining a job that requires skill, attention to detail, and passion. Please keep reading to learn more about our Volvo car technician careers.

About Our Volvo Military Technician Program

The Volvo Car Technician Careers Program is a new program that allows us to help those who sacrifice so much for our country the opportunity to train for a new job once they leave the military. These jobs in Shreveport help the community in so many ways. It helps our customers continue to get excellent service and repair on their vehicles, and it allows military personnel to get trained for car technician jobs to perform those services.

Approved applicants will go through a comprehensive training program at one of many training centers in the United States. Once the program is complete, the applicant will become either a Volvo Hybrid Specialist or a Volvo Quality Level Technician. The Volvo Car Technician Careers Program is four weeks long. It combines resident training and eLearning. Once complete, veterans will then have a year-long on-the-job apprenticeship training program at a Volvo Cars retailer like ours in Shreveport.

Who Qualifies?

This program is a GI Bill® Approved Registered Apprenticeship. Because of this, veterans can use their GI Bill® benefits to receive a monthly housing stipend for an entire year during the apprenticeship. Veterans will also receive regular pay and benefits on top of the stipend.

There are four main requirements to be able to qualify for the Volvo Car Veteran Technician Careers Program:

  1. You must have three or more years of service in a maintenance-related Military Occupational Speciality. If you did not serve in a maintenance-related role, you might still be eligible if you have ASE Certifications, completion of a formal Auto Tech certificate, or were a Civilian Automotive Technician for at least three years in your life.

  2. You must provide a Statement of Service or DD214 to verify your military service.

  3. You must have a clean driving record. This includes a valid driver's license, no DWI/DUI in the last seven years, no reckless driving conditions, and fewer than three traffic violations in the last two years.

  4. You must pass a background and drug test.

If you meet all of these requirements, please fill out an application to join this incredible program.

Additional Details

This is a 12-month U.S. Department of Labor and GI Bill® approved apprenticeship. You will begin with full-time employment at a participating Volvo Cars dealership. Once there, you will begin the accelerated four-week training. From there, you complete the on-the-job training and then begin your career as a Volvo Quality Technician. This quick program allows you to get proper training and get back into the workforce in an efficient way with a mentorship format.

Car Technician Jobs for Veterans

This is an excellent way for Volvo Cars to help give back to those who sacrifice so much for us. In addition to car technician jobs, you can apply for careers in Shreveport in several other departments. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

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