Used Trucks For Sale In Shreveport, LA

No matter if you want one for work or for play, we've got a value-filled inventory of used trucks for sale Shreveport drivers will love — from big and bad off-road dominating used 4x4 trucks to faithful pre-owned work companions. A used truck offers great value across the board, with competitive practicality and interior features as the icing on the cake. We have an equally wide selection of vehicles like used SUVs for sale for you to discover as well. So look through our listings below, and stop by our dealership to test drive your selection today.

Plenty of Trucks, Plenty of Choices

It's been said that "variety is the spice of life," and we believe that applies when shopping for a vehicle as well. That's why we offer several makes and models that buck the trend that’s usually associated with a "used" label. So whether you're a Chevy guy, Ford enthusiast, or Ram fan, you're bound to find something up your alley at our used truck dealership Shreveport.

At a glance, some of the awesome trucks you can find in our inventory include:

  • Used Chevy trucks: Whether it's the Silverado or Colorado, you'll find that the old "like a rock" slogan still holds true for a Chevy truck.
  • Used GMC trucks: Using Chevy trucks like the Silverado as a basis, GMC adds in a healthy dose of luxury on top of a tough truck work ethic.
  • Used Ram trucks: From the everyday use of the Ram 1500 to the ultra-tough Ram 3500 Dually, all Ram trucks have the guts to get it done.
  • Used Ford trucks: America's bestselling vehicle, the all-purpose F-150 is a great choice that's complemented by beasts like the F-350, and the midsize Ranger.

There's plenty more than that waiting for you, so check out our used trucks for sale Shreveport inventory for a truly accurate selection.

Why Buy a Used Truck?

Buying a used car can sometimes feel like you're missing out on the latest and greatest that the market has to offer. However true that may be today, trucks tend to be a different story. As a function-first machine, a truck is often built with practical aspects taking priority. That means that the hauling and towing capabilities, practicality, inherent structural strength, and often the interior will hold up well against the market even several years down the road. So with our used trucks for sale, Shreveport drivers can have confidence in the vehicle they get and the deal they got it for.

Beyond those virtues, the simple fact is that a truck commands respect. You'll ride high in a big machine, and while that won't offer sporty handling, it does give you a feeling of power and safety while driving along. Additionally, when you find used diesel trucks for sale, you'll get a torque monster that can haul almost anything you ask of it.

From Chevy Trucks to Volvo Cars, We've Got a Vehicle for You

It doesn't matter if you stop by just to take a look at a used truck or to buy one of our used cars for sale, we're committed to serving all your vehicular needs with a smile. Our history in Shreveport dates back to the late 1930s, and we've been going strong ever since by putting our customers first. At Holmes Volvo Cars, we're here to offer you the vehicle of your dreams with service that'll make the process nothing short of enjoyable.

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