If the unexpected occurs, our Volvo service payment plan is here to help. You've got things running smoothly. Your days are clipping along as planned. You've even tucked away that budget for your kids' birthday party, and then something comes up. Your new vehicle warranty has expired, or there's a pressing maintenance issue that is threatening to eat up a nice chunk of change. Fortunately, our Volvo service center is on your side and we're thrilled to offer our guests an effortless way to pay for parts and service.

Introducing Sunbit Financing

This is one of the best tools we can give you for a Volvo service payment plan. The pre-approval process is lightning fast. There's no hard pull on your credit. And you'll have the flexibility to pay for your parts and service needs in a way that's convenient for you. Here's how it works:

  • Fill out the Sunbit application with basic information
  • Get pre-approved in less than 30 seconds
  • Enjoy pre-approvals with no hard pull on your credit
  • Get generous credit limits of up to $10,000
  • 90% of customers are approved

Auto payment plans just got easy. With your pre-approved balance, you can schedule your repair. Choose your down payment amount (usually about 10%), choose your repayment schedule, and you're done! Sunbit financing is now available at Holmes Volvo Cars in Shreveport. Use it for tires, brakes, a transmission rebuild, and even the latest hats and travel mugs at our Volvo parts center. You'll get a Sunbit credit card to use at your convenience. And once you're a customer, you'll be able to manage purchases and payments from any connected device.

Try Our Volvo Service Payment Plan Today

Part of being a brand that customers love is anticipating their needs. Your needs. Let's face it; cars are expensive. It's said that automobile expenses are only bested by the cost of purchasing a new home. So we get it. Our new Volvo service payment plan through Sunbit is a great way to minimize the potential impact of large expenses associated with owning a vehicle. Schedule service with confidence. Get your pre-approval in place. And rest easy.

Looking for more ways to save? Ask about our new and used car loans in Shreveport, LA. We've also got plenty of protection packages known as Volvo Assurance. Keep your paint, glass, wheels, tires, and interior protected from excess wear and tear. We're always on our customers' side, and we'll leverage our network of lenders to get you the right financial products for your situation. And when we can, we'll roll these products into your low monthly payment. Owning and servicing a car isn't always a worry-free experience. But now, with Sunbit financing, it can be. If only they handled that roof replacement for your house...