In this day and age of staying at home, it's common that families allow one or more of their vehicles to sit in the garage for months without touching it. It makes sense; you're not driving into work every day, taking the kids to school, or running as many errands as you would normally. However, your vehicles still need your attention, even if it's just for a quick spin around the block. The expert service center here at Holmes Volvo Cars has put together a few basic rules of thumb to follow if you haven't been driving your vehicle regularly.

Periodically Drive Your Car

Perhaps you typically take your trusty Volvo SUV to the grocery store and leave the sedan sitting in the garage. Shake things up and take your idle car on outings a few times a month instead. It's always good to keep your vehicle running and used to the road.

Check Your Oil

You can easily check your oil by using a dipstick. Simply insert it into the oil container under your hood and remove it. Look to see if you notice oil marks above the empty line. If so, your oil is good to go, if not, bring your Volvo in for an oil change.

Make a Routine Maintenance Appointment

It's always a good idea to keep up with maintenance appointments, especially if your vehicle has been sitting in your driveway for a few months. Go ahead and come in for a check-up to have greater peace of mind about your vehicle's health.

Contact Us in Shreveport with Issues

See lights on the dashboard that you don't recognize? Does something feel off when you're driving at higher speeds? Perhaps it's time to contact the experts and heed their advice. Here at Holmes Volvo Cars, you can easily contact our service center by giving us a call, sending us a chat online through our website, or by filling out our online service form. It's easier than ever.

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