The 2019 Volvo XC60 External Lighting System Boosts Driver Capabilities

The popular compact luxury SUV known as the 2019 Volvo XC60 certainly has a tough and durable exterior. In addition, this SUV also includes a number of useful external lighting systems that can increase the awareness of drivers both inside and outside of the vehicle. Included in this list are active bending headlights and daytime running lights.

The Volvo XC60 active bending light system works hand in hand with drivers to improve awareness and performance. As drivers turn their steering wheels in one direction or another, the headlight beams turn to match their motions. The XC60 active bending headlight system also includes an auto-dimming feature for high beams. Onboard cameras can sense oncoming headlights or receding tail lights and automatically dim the high beams in response.

The Volvo XC60 compact SUV also works to protect vehicle occupants with daytime running lights. The running light system activates a number of external lights during the day in order to raise the profile of the vehicle. This system can raise the awareness of other drivers and thus help to prevent potential accidents.



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