Guide on How to Test Your Car's Battery Safely

When your car battery is not performing optimally, you can easily test it right at home.
  1. Be sure the car lights and the ignition are off before working near the battery.
  2. Place your safety goggles on, clean the two battery terminals with a wire brush.
  3. Place the positive clamp of the voltmeter, usually in red, to the positive end of the car battery. Take the black clamp, the negative end, attach to the negative side of the battery.
  4. The reading should be at or higher than 12.4 on the voltmeter. If the reading is 12.2 or less, the battery might not hold a charge or have the power needed to crank over the engine.
  5. To remove the voltmeter cables from the car battery, take them off in the opposite manner you installed them.
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