Keep Your Tire PSI At The Appropriate Level To Get The Most Life Out Of Them

Your tires sure do take a beating out there. Between the heat and the contact with the asphalt at high speeds, they take a lot of abuse. That is why they experience some of the worst wear and tear out of all of the systems on your vehicle. And since they are not cheap to replace, you will certainly want to get as much life out of them as you possibly can.

One thing that you can do to extend your tire's lifespan is to regularly check the air pressure in each tire and make sure that it is at the recommended level. If your tires are over inflated or under inflated that can lead to irregular tread wear.

If you notice severe or irregular tread wear in between rotations, then that can be a sign of an underlying suspension issue that needs to be addressed. In that case, it is best to bring your car, truck, or SUV into our service center here at Volvo Cars of Shreveport.
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