Must-Have Technology in the Volvo XC40

When you invest in a new vehicle, what types of features are most important to you? If it's technology that you're after, the Volvo XC40 has you covered. This popular luxury subcompact SUV has advanced equipment that's fun, easy to use, and convenient.

The first thing you'll see when you get behind the wheel of the XC40 at Holmes Volvo Cars is the center display. This SUV uses a 9-inch touch screen display. While other infotainment systems have a wide-screen display, this one is vertical. This design is more intuitive and allows more information to be shown at once.

Great looks aside, the infotainment center is incredibly versatile. There are many built-in applications that will benefit Shreveport drivers. You can get directions to your destination, information about your performance, and much more. When properly equipped, the system is even capable of connecting to the Internet to provide you with music streaming options.



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